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Tiki Bar

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Tara is a lawyer, but not happy at all with her job. One day she receives an invitation from her grandparents to go spend some time working at their Tiki Bar on Tiki Island, the place where she used to spend her summer vacation as a child. Unfortunately, evil Mr. Prophit has other plans for the Tiki Bar, and it's up to you to stop his dastardly plan in this charming time management game! more

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Young lawyer Tara is fed up with her job, so when her grandparents invite her to help run the Tiki Bar on Tiki Island, it seems like just the ticket! However, danger overshadows Tiki Island. A powerful corporation lead by Mr.Prophit wants to build a nuclear power plant on Tiki Island, and it's up to Tara and her friends, to get enough money to save Tiki Island. Play and follow the engaging story around Tara and her friends, and the schemes that Mr.Prophit will do to get his hands on Tiki Island.

Tiki Bar

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