Sylia - Act 1 screenshot

Sylia - Act 1

Will Sylia unite and repel the alien invaders?

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Game Description

Three gigantic and mysterious Cubes have landed on Sylia's main islands, harboring strange, unknown creatures inside them. These alien creatures have come to Sylia to take control and harvest the land's resources and energy, bringing about the destruction of all life! Will this be the end for Sylia?

Not if Sylia's finest warriors have anything to say about it! Supported by their nation's government and people, this mighty knight, powerful witch, fierce warrior and devout cleric must infiltrate the Cubes and defeat the Alien Queen at all costs! Who will win the battle for the land and people of Sylia?

-Bright, colorful and original graphics
-30+ characters
-20+ sidequests
-Configurable battle speed and adjustable difficulty
-Multiple endings