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Slingo Quest Amazon

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Slingo Quest Amazon takes you on the latest exciting adventure to discover the new Hex Slingo board, brand new powerups, and other Slingtastic surprises. more

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That Devil stole Joker! And it's up to you to get him back in your game! Slingo Quest Amazon is the latest adventure in the award winning Slingo Quest series that picks up where Slingo Quest Eypgt left off, and it features never seen before HEX Boards! Join the Slingo Cherubs on an exciting quest to rescue the Joker. Along the way you’ll meet a number of new Amazon Friends, each with a different new Slingtastic power to share with you. Can your team journey up the Amazon river and rescue the Joker from the Devil before it is too late? Discover new fun powerups! Uncover innovative new game modes! Unlock the powers of your new Slingo Friends! Beat the Devil at his own new mini-games! Slingo Quest Amazon is packed with never seen before Slingo-riffic fun! 

Slingo Quest Amazon

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