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Secrets of the Dragon Wheel

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Only Epiphany O’day can solve the mysterious murder and mayhem aboard the Imperial Majestic. Hop aboard as the luxurious royal train rockets from beautiful Paris to the forbidden kingdoms of the far east. more

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Epiphany O’day has been laughed out of her university by superiors who think that her wild theories on the ancient and mysterious Dragon Wheel artifact are pure fantasy. Her mentor, Professor Lunn, disagrees. He has used Epiphany's careful research to unlock dark forces, and now he begs for her help to stop the powerful and evil people who have taken notice of her work.

A trail of blood is forcing our young sleuth to tangle with more than academia. She must sneak on to the Imperial Majestic, a luxurious and very dangerous royal train, destined for the darkest reaches of the Far East. Hop aboard and help our heroine to stop the mayhem in its tracks!

Secrets of the Dragon Wheel

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