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Mandragora, the lost source of all power in the Evergreen Lands. You must work with the nature spirits to breed magical trees and restore power to these dying lands. Mandragora is within your grasp... more

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The Evergreen Lands used to be a prosperous place, supported Magical Plants growing there. The most powerful of all was the Mandragora. Living beings of all kinds happily coexisted there, but they became complacent and forgot to care for their Motherland. They polluted and exploited the land for too long, and now the Evergreen Lands are fading away and dying... The only living beings who still dwell here are the Nature Spirits, and they are desperate to revive The Evergreen Lands. All the Magical Plants which became extinct must be rediscovered to bring the life back to this land, including the main source of the land's power, the illustrious Mandragora. Only a human can handle this task...


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