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Glyph 2

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Enter the world of Glyph 2 where an exile, trained in the forces of light and dark, is called upon to drive back the shadow elements that grip the distant world of Kuros. Uncover, harness and unleash the mysterious energy held within Glyphs buried deep below the surface of Kuros and, ultimately, heal this dying world. With 5 elemental worlds, stunning graphics, mini-tasks and an all-new world-development feature, Glyph 2 is waiting for you to uncover its many secrets. more

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Glyph 2 opens as shadow engulfs the distant world of Kuros, an exile trained in the forces of light and dark is called upon to harness the elemental forces of Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Aether and unleash the mysterious powers they hold. Walk with the Exile and help her uncover the ancient Glyph Energy, buried deep below the surface of Kuros, and drive back the dangerous shadow elements that are destroying this once beautiful planet.

Glyph 2

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