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Farm Craft 2

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Ginger must put a stop to the production of experimental fruits and vegetables, all while solving a tale of international intrigue, and ending the global vegetable crisis. more

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The story of Farm Craft continues! When we left off, our heroine, Ginger, had defeated Agronovich and taken over the Agronovich Corporation. Ginger’s company, aptly called the Tomato Corporation, proudly produces quality, healthy food. And although Ginger longs to be back on the farm, she's a successful businesswoman whose most important tool these days is her cell phone.

During a trip back to her farm to visit her grandparents, Ginger discovers a group of people producing suspicious experimental fruits and vegetables in her village. The plot thickens with international intrigue and a global vegetable crisis. There’s not a minute to lose as this charming farming game has gone global. It’s up to Ginger to save the world.

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Farm Craft 2

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