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Eternal Night: Realm of Souls

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Rescue ancient Egypt from eternal darkness! Explore ghostly underworlds, solve mystical puzzles, and face off against the gods themselves! more

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For centuries, ancient Egyptians relied on the Nile River to nourish their lands into a thriving civilization. But when the sun sets and does not return for seven days, the kingdom grows crippled, its subjects weak and crops withered. Realizing the futility of life without the sun god Ra, the Pharaoh calls for a hero to reopen the passage to the Land of the Dead. As the Chosen One, journey deep into the Egyptian pantheon to face the gods themselves, and in their domain! Explore ghostly underworlds and sunken temples in gorgeous first-person as you search for the tools and objects your missions require. Employ alchemy and spells from the Book of the Dead on your path, but not before you've solved intricate puzzles composed with stars in the night sky, ancient hieroglyphics chiseled into stone, and countless more! You’ll earn more than achievements as you uncover a mystical conspiracy - the gods' gratitude is yours if you can return the land of mortals and immortals to status quo!

Eternal Night: Realm of Souls

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