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A delightful and unique twist on ball-shooting/matching gameplay. Place the dragon's eggs next the other eggs on the track to free the babies. more

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The Chinese Dragon is an ancient symbol of power, strength and wisdom. Your mission is to free the baby dragons from their eggs, your rewards will include gold beyond your wildest dreams. Enjoy tranquil music and beautiful, rich graphics as you use your Dragon to place eggs along the paths to free the other eggs. Unique power-ups and Super Dragons will appear to help you in your journey. A cleared level delivers a Zen moment for you to relax and ready yourself for the next challenge, as well as another piece of the Dragon portrait uncovered.

As with all things, the two game modes, Classic and Survival, are inextricably linked: Clear levels in Classic mode, then see them unlocked in Survival mode, which tests your skill and resolve with an endless stream of new eggs and challenges. Ascend from the level of Chicken to the mighty Tiger as you progress.


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