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Dreamscapes: The Sandman

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Young Laura didn’t have bad dreams after her father gave her the Dreamcatcher. But one day the Dreamcatcher is lost and Laura gets trapped in a nightmare that might never end. Be the one to save her! Travel to Laura’s dreamworlds, fight her deepest fears, solve numerous puzzles to find hints to Laura’s salvation in this breathtaking adventure game! more

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Young Laura was well protected from nightmares once her father gave her the Dreamcatcher. But after his sudden death the Dreamcatcher disappeared and Laura slipped into an endless nightmare. No one could wake her up. But you can try to save Laura! With the help of Professor Sanders and his machine take a dangerous journey to Laura’s ghastly dreams, dispel her awes, fight her fears, solve numerous riddles of Laura’s subconscious and find clues to her redemption. Collect all the pieces of the lost Dreamcatcher and help the girl return to the real world with this breathtaking point-and-click adventure game!

Also available in a Collector's Edition located elsewhere on our site!

Dreamscapes: The Sandman

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