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Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets

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Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets is a bone-chilling Seek and Find adventure where myth, mystery and a health dose of skepticism converge. more

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Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets opens as archaeologists working on a dig at Carstair Hill near Brombury, England have reported missing items, broken machinery and fires damaging their property.
The lead scientist on the project cries, 'sabotage', but both archaeologists and locals have allegedly seen the ghostly figure of a beautiful young woman, dressed in white?
Nonsense! Notorious debunker of fabricated phantom stories, Dr. Ignatius Lynch, has had quite enough of the public’s obsession in titillation and intrigue! With the failing sales of his recent book, an investigation of the Carstair Hill dig is just what Dr. Lynch needs to prove once and for all that frivolous talk of the supernatural is absurd.
Take on the role of Dr. Lynch, an infamous writer who has dedicated his career to debunking the paranormal. Find hidden objects, solve puzzles and explore a village reluctant to give up the healthy tourism this "haunting" has delivered. Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets is a bone-chilling adventure where myth, mystery and a healthy dose of skepticism converge.

Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets

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