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Cajun Cop

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Search for clues with Cajun Cop Jacques Lamont as you track a ring of jewel thieves through the streets of New Orleans. Test your wits as you scour dozens of locations and solve tricky puzzles and ingenious mini games. Bring the scoundrels to justice in Cajun Cop! more

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Join Cajun Cop Jacques Lamont as he pursues a gang of jewel thieves through the streets of the Big Easy. Scour the city for clues, from the haunts of the rich to gritty back alleys. As the evidence piles up, the puzzles and mini-games only become more baffling.

You'll need sharp eyes and keen wits as the gangsters attempt to cover their tracks. Will the long arm of the law ever bring them to justice? Join the pursuit and find out in Cajun Cop.

Cajun Cop

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