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Help Annabel escape from the evil high priest, explore a pyramid, open a sarcophagus, sail down the Nile in your quest to help your beloved Akhenaten restore order to Egypt! See ancient Egypt come to life in the rich 3D world of Annabel. more

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Welcome to Annabel's world, set in Ancient Egypt. Princess Annabel has been captured by held prisoner by the evil high priest Amertekh, who plans to marry Annabel to become a full-fledged Pharaoh. Meanwhile, Annabel has her eyes on the young prince Akhenaten. Akhenaten, who will become the next pharaoh, has been force to flee Egypt, but he won't leave without his beloved Annabel. It is up to you to help Annabel escape from the evil high priest, explore a pyramid and open a sarcophagus, visit a local fishing village, and sail down the Nile to a temple of the all powerful god Seth in your quest to help Akhenaten and restore order to Egypt!


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